STUDIO EXCLUSIVE Women's footless tights made from a strong yet soft microfiber blend Footless tights create a clean line to the ankle while dancing barefoot .75" hem at the ankles keeps tights secure and in place Tightly-woven opaque knit does not show skin underneath Dyed-to-match gusset with breathable cotton lining Comfortable 1.25" self-knit waistband doesn't dig into waist Durable construction eliminates sagging Coordinates with Weissman shoes If inbetween sizes go up a sizeHeight is by foot and inchesWeight in pounds however here is the conversion rate25plds 11.34kgs40=18.14kgs55=25kgs70=31.75kgs85= 38.55kgs100=45.35kgs115=52.161130=59kgs145= 65.77160= 72.57175=79.4190= 86.182

Footless Tights