What could be better than the best-selling Hanami ballet slipper? Say hello to the new, premium version in leather. The Hanami Leather Ballet features a patented diamond gusset that seamlessly molds the shoe to the four-way stretch neoprene arch. Smooth floor contact is enhanced even further by moisture absorbent lining and hammered pleats. No drawstring ensures uninterrupted studio time without stopping to adjust your new favorite split-soles. 
Product Features:
Premium leather and stretch textile constructionPremium leather upperSplit-sole featuring a 4 way stretch neoprene archLeather sole and heel patchesMoisture absorbent liningHammered pleats for smooth floor contactElastic topline with no drawstringPre-attached criss-cross elastics
Medium Width
Begin one size larger than street shoe size

Hanami Leather Ballet Shoe